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The Kira Callahan Mysteries

Kira Callahan is a retired journalist who resides part-time with her sister at the Revisions Retirement Residence (fondly known as Triple R). Kira has much in common with a group of elder hippies, who use pot as medicine and who have a penchant for solving mysteries. Although there is some crime, and that’s not funny, the Flower Pots’ view of life and their hilarious attempts at being detectives provide the humor.

UP CHIT CREEK, the first novella, deals with a series of murders at Triple R. All the quirky characters are introduced and Kira’s journalistic inquisitiveness is put to good use.

Up Chit Creek

OPERATION BABYLIFT deals with the tragedy of a plane crash in Vietnam on April 4, 1975, but provides some laughs through the antics of the Flower Pots.

Operation Babylift



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